+31 318 414 694 Dijkgraaf 15 - 6721 NJ Bennekom

A modern workshop and years of experience

With experienced service mechanics, a complete warehouse and a well-equipped workshop, the Roelofs team is ready for optimal service 24 hours a day.

LMB Roelofs werkplaats

Technical problems solved quickly

At Dijkgraaf 15 in Bennekom, Roelofs has a modern, well-equipped and spacious workshop. The mechanics have years of experience in agricultural mechanization and the company is VCA certified. Furthermore, Roelofs has modern diagnostic equipment with which technical problems can be traced and solved quickly.

LMB Roelofs service op locatie

Also service on location

Ton Roelofs: "Customers can come to us for regular maintenance, repairs and the installation of accessories. We also have our breakdown service, which enables us to solve problems immediately, even outside office hours. With five fully equipped service vehicles, our mechanics also carry out repairs on site in the event of emergencies. In this way, we keep downtime for the customer to an absolute minimum. With our large and fully equipped warehouse, we are able to supply parts quickly and easily. All these things contribute to an optimal service for the customer."

LMB Roelofs service op locatie

Customer contact and creativity appeal in this profession

Workshop manager Andries Beverloo

Where colleague Roland Petter is the voice of the company, the mechanics and workshop manager Andries Beverlo are the face of Roelofs Landbouwmechanisatie. As an experienced service engineer, Jan van de Berg is regularly on the road carrying out maintenance and repair work for customers. Jan has also been active at Roelofs for years. When he started, New Holland balers in particular were booming. Because of his close involvement in that development, Jan is known as a specialist in this field. In my work, the direct contact with the customers appeals to me. In addition, it is always a challenge for me, together with my colleagues, to come up with the best solution for the customer with the necessary creativity.

Everything you need

Everything you need under one roof: from sales and advice to service and spare parts. At LMB Roelofs you are at the right address.

Fast delivery

With a large warehouse full of parts, we try to provide you with parts as quickly as possible. You can pick them up or we can ship them to you.

Access to the best mechanics

LMB Roelofs has highly skilled mechanics with a great deal of experience in the field of diagnosing and repairing agricultural machinery.

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